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Once upon a time, Man used to rely on CDs and DVDs to store datas, music, movies, to try to scare birds while some desperate drivers even tried to use them to try to fool speed cameras.

I was fine with birds and did not believe in that unlikely remedy to fight the system but I had CDs and I used to stack the ones I had on my desk and then run a marker through their holes to keep them together.  

Then I made a protoype with a stainless steel bar, with a welded ring placed a few cms from the bottom, to prevent the CDs from falling on my hand while moving them.

Then LetteraG (at those times "Gspot") were interested in it but they asked me to find a solution which would not make it spin around. Despite I felt that it was a bit too unnecessary, I designed a bent disc which did the job and, later on, was the right spot to place the "La Scala" logo when the Milanese Opera House wanted have it customized and used as its official merchandise.

Then, after some years, CDs were legend.


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