Re-imagine medicine: redesign migraine


Commissioned by Novartis, on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2019, DRDS designed an immersive experience about migraine, in order to raise awareness around the real daily life problems of the people suffering from it.

The work also included immersive and art installations. 

Detailed descriptions below.


In this room, visitors were living two types of experiences that had the aim of sensitizing the public to the pathology of migraine.

If on the one hand it was neither possible nor desired to make visitors experience pain, which remains a fundamental element of a migraine crisis, on the other there was the desire to increase awareness of all the other problems associated with this pathology that differentiate it from a common headache.

For this reason, visitors were able to both experience immersively some types of visual and acoustic nuisances designed by DRDS, similar to those that can be accused in times of a migraine crisis, and then to  see a film that presents in a narrative and realistic way what it means to suffer from migraine in daily life.

The immersive installation took place in a dark room in which the audience would look at a visual effects video, coordinated with bright flashes coming from the walls, in order to create a visual discomfort, while listening to a disturbing soundtrack through by earphones (like a silent disco). 


The "In/Out" installation is an interpretation of the concept of "migraine room", intended as a place of isolation, comfort and protection in which to take refuge in moments of suffering and discomfort due to a migraine attack.

This work proposes representations of blankets or sheets that, suspended in midair in a silent room, create an empty volume inside them that tells a duality between inside, a place of refuge and isolation, and outside, intended as the environment full of disturbing elements, which worsen the already extremely suffering state of the person subject to a migraine crisis.

The choice to bind to the concept of blanket is due to the feeling of protection and refuge to which it is linked and to the consequent instinctive gestures of man covering himself in moments of suffering, as well as witnessed by several patients consulted within a specific advisory board.


With this last room, of about 10 square meters, the visit itinerary showed a first prototype of Migraine Room developed independently by Novartis.
This prototype presents an interior design solution, developed with ordinary furniture, designed to meet the needs of patients subject to migraine attacks.
With a view to attention to the relationship between welfare and health, the square footage allows potential companies to easily set up a Migraine Room in their work environments.

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