Water Sounds Fluid

Valverde, 2010

Interactive sound installation.

Designed for Valverde, an Italian renowned mineral water brand, this installation had the goal to create a parallelism between water and sound.

As Valverde has three different kinds of water (still, medium sparkling, sparkling), this installation was based on the idea of creating a specific sound design for each one of them and, as you can mix different kinds of water, let users mix the three soundtracks by using a custom designed graphic interface.

The graphic interface was actually a mixer, featuring three different columns of illustrated mineral water, which which let the users control and mix the volume of each soundtrack.

The minimal design and the outstanding sound quality of this installation were also bound to the fact that, by using a vibration speaker technology, the entire structure was the element amplifying the sound.

interactive, sound installation, art, UX, UI
UI, UX, Graphic interface, sound installatiom, mixer

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